Wine Wednesday: Thanksgiving Pairings

Nov 6, 2013 -- Posted by : fran

Welcome back to Wine Wednesday, where you get a sneak peek behind the vines! Last month we were busy harvesting...this month it has been all about processing the grapes and making wine.


While our Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, and Petit Verdot are all aging in barrels and will not be bottled until later next year, our Riesling, Sapphire White, and Black Cherry are in stainless tanks and will be ready for drinking much sooner. Yes, I did say Black Cherry, which we will be bottling in early December and hope to release before Christmas!

In today's issue of Wine Wednesday, we thought it would be fun to focus on the upcoming holiday season with some fun pairings and even a recipe for mulled wine!

Thanksgiving Pairings

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away, and while Mom may have the turkey and the rest of the menu covered, what about the most important part of the meal? You know....the wine! The lovely thing about Thanksgiving dinner is it is a feast of many flavors and textures, so you have many options when it comes to wine to go along with your meal.

Here are a few of our suggestions as you're planning your meal:

The Crimson Quartette will pair well with the turkey, as will many of our other wines. This wine is a blend made in the Bordeaux style. Red berries mixed with vanilla oak and dried herb flavors make this wine a favorite for many in our tasting room. The Chardonnay will pair with side dishes (especially potatoes and stuffing). It has buttery, toasty oak flavors with hints of ripe pear. If you prefer a lighter wine, we suggest serving Sun Kissed which has hints of the tropics, fresh and lush. It is a soothing blush and easy to sip!

And it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without DESSERT! Now, dessert usually brings a variety of sweet pies (pumpkin, apple, cranberry or pecan) or cheesecake; we suggest pairing any of these with Mom Kennel's Blackberry wine.

Since everyone has different tastes, just like all the tastes at Thanksgiving Dinner, you can never go wrong when you choose a wine you love! We give thanks to all of you for supporting us this year and raise a glass to happiness, good health, and good wine!

Feeling in the mood for Holiday Spice?

Try our Ruby Red Mulled Wine!

- One bottle of Ruby Red (or other Vineyard at Grandview Red wine)

- 4c. apple cider

- 1/4 c. honey

- 3 pieces of star anise

- 2 cinnamon sticks

- 4 cloves

- zest and juice of one orange

Simmer for a few minutes and serve!


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