Sharing in the Harvest

Mar 11, 2012 -- Posted by : fran

Last fall, I promised I would write an entry describing our grape harvest. Now it's nearly spring and we are looking forward to a new growing season and our third harvest year.

What is involved in harvest, you may ask? Do we pick by hand or by machine? [By hand.] Do we crush the grapes with our feet? [No!]

As the grapes began to ripen (the technical term is veraison: def. the onset of ripening) they were monitored by color, pH, sugar levels (brix) and taste. When the time was right, we sent out an e-mail invitation for pickers. Those who were interested and could help on short notice joined us in the pavilion at 7:30 a.m. for homemade sticky buns, coffee, and brief instructions.

From there, we headed to the vineyard for the morning. Nets were rolled up and lugs placed at intervals along the rows.

Pickers spread out in twos along the row, working opposite one another to make picking easier. Conversation flowed and laughter rang out among pickers.

Lugs filled with clusters of grapes were loaded onto the tractor and carried to our refrigerated trailer to be stored until processing.

Our vineyard is a family project and the children love to be involved.

Before long the day's harvest was nearly complete and it was time for lunch in the pavilion.

Does it sound like fun? Do you want to join us in the fall of 2012? Follow our progress here and on facebook.


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