Planting Day

Sep 21, 2011 -- Posted by : fran

In April, 2009, we planted our first 3150 grapevines. It was an exciting and fascinating process. We contracted the planting with Ken Whitty of Benchmark Custom Work, Ontario, Canada, a company that uses a laser planter. One of the men, Cameron Hosmer, explains the process in this video clip.

The first step was to measure and mark the rows.

Then the laser was set up, as well as the spacing wire.

This is the planter.

These are the wires that hold the plants.

Here, Larry is putting the plants into the moving wires which cycle around, placing the plants in a narrow groove cut into the ground.

After planting, a single waxed graft showed about the surface.

This is a completed row of plants.

At the end of the day, we were left waiting to see if green growth really would emerge from the dormant grafts!


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